Gifted Education Policy - Crestwood School District==

The Crestwood School District's mission is to provide an educational environment that promotes excellence and encouraes all students o develop into infe-long learners and responsible citizens.

the District strives to contribute to the fulfillment of all students as responsible, creative human beings, and therefore, makes special provisions for those students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.

In accordance with 22 Pa. Code Chapter 16: Special Education for Gifted Students, the District has in place a screening and evaluation process. This students whoa re identified as ifted will have the opportunity to develop thier own capabilities and talents, and have their needs addressed on an individual basis.

The Gifted Education Identification Process consists of four steps.
They are:
1. Formal rating by the classroom teacher
2. Review of the student's group administered standardized achievement, ability and PSSA test scores.
3. Review of demonstrated academic performance as evidenced by report card grades
4. If the student meets the three initial screening criteria, the guidance counselor will administer a brief individual intelligence test.

The results of this screening process will determine whether the student will be referred for a Gifted Multi-Discipline Evaluation (G-MDE).

If the student is referred for a Gifted Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation, the evaluation will include a comprehensive evaluation by the school psychologivt which includes an individually administered ability test, written input from the parents and teachers. The Team will prepare a written report that will recommend whether the student meets the eligibility requirements of Pa. Chapter 16, and whether the student is in need of specially designed instruction.

The District will then convene a Gifted Individual Education Program team meeting to formally develop the educational programming of the student in an individually designed education program. The parents are part of and invited to this meeting.