During the spring months of school, the 6th grade students receive guidance lessons on "Career Development". Each class is in the computer lab for 45 minutes with the school counselor learning about different careers as well as learning styles and personality types that may help and guide students in their search for a potential career in the future.

The website used for the majority of the lessons is Education Planner (the link can be clicked on at the top of the page). This is a free website open to students as well as parents/guardians interested in learning about careers and career planning; as well as planning financially for a possible college tuition in the future. It explores Holland's six personaliy types (realistic personality type, investigative personality type, etc.) as well as different learning styles (visual learner, auditory learner, etc.) that connects students to careers and jobs in related fields according to their interests.

We stress during these career development activities that it is important to research possible career choices, looking at job descriptions and how much education or training is needed to fulfill the requirements in order to carry out a specific career. With so many possibilities, future career planning should be a fun, rewarding experience!